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Dear Jean-Pierre (Avinaut International)

In my early twenties I started suffering from male pattern baldness, as my father has been completely bald since his late twenties, I thought that would be my destiny too....

Started using prescription drugs for hair loss at 23, but with too many side effects, so I stopped!

Being in the Hair care Industry until three years ago, I tried every single hair loss programme available, sure it slowed the balding process down, but never stopped it!
In March 2011 I started using Tricogen shampoo, treatment & capsules, twice a day and within 6 weeks I had "stubble" all over my scalp which within 2 months grew to about 2cm long!

I started growing my hair again, as I used to shave it very short and used to wear caps all the time! The difference is UNBELIEVEABLE and everyone that knows me have complemented on the improvement!

THANK YOU Jean Pierre for introducing me to a BRILLIANT product that actually works! I am hooked......

Please feel free to give me a call if you have any questions for me.

Kind Regards
Francois Engelbrecht (Pretoria)



Dear Jean-Pierre (Avinaut International)

With regards to your product, Tricogen, I would like to say, this is by far the best and most superior product that I have ever used.

Over the past 5 - 6 years, I have tried just about every product on the Market. I have spent thousands of rand on products such as Nisim, Minoxodil, I even spent R 10 000.00 at the Hair Clinic, undergoing their "guaranteed" laser hair therapy, but nothing ever worked. the best result I got was a fluff like growth, that soon disappeared.

I have been using your product now for 5 months and have been amazed at the awesome results. My hairdresser who has monitored my hair condition for years, cannot believe the thickness and growth restoration. I also stand in awe at the re-growth, and how much stronger and thicker my hair is.

I do not use the product as you have stipulated as I need to economise and make the product last longer, but even with doing that, the results have been mind blowing, so I can only imagine what the full result of using the product as I should.

Thank you for bringing such an awesome product to the Market. I can personally vouch that it is truly a miracle product and the results are incredible. I feel much better about myself and so much more confident now. I get really encouraged as I see my hair growing thicker and fuller, and the thinning disappearing.

You are welcome to phone my hairdresser Sanette on 082-597-8578 or myself if you have any questions.

I recommend this product to everyone.

Michael Novotsky



Good day Jean-Pierre (Avinaut International)

I am truly astonished by the Tricogen products. I have been experiencing hair loss and thinning hair and came across your products which works wonders! I have been on the products since last September and I have noticed my hair follicles to be thicker and stronger within the first 6 months. I don’t experience much hair loss as before and one year down the line I do see baby hair and regrowth which makes me very happy. I will highly recommend this product to anyone with the above symptoms.